About Us

Burlesque is retro entertainment. Burlesque is celebrating sexiness. Burlesque is sassy fun covered in glitter and feathers. Burlesque is a shiny and colourful cocktail of showgirls, comedy skits, sexy costumes and elegant striptease.


The word burlesque is derived from the Italian word ‘burla’ which means ‘joke’. The origin of burlesque lies in parodies of big and difficult theatre or opera productions. When introduced in America by Lydia Thompson and the British Blondes the Americans soon added music,cabaret, comedy, and striptease to the mix. A couple of years of decline (60ies and 70ies) followed the golden years of burlesque that stretch from the 20ies till the 50ies. Luckily for us, ladies like Dita Von Teese reintroduced burlesque as an elegant stage form. We call it neo-burlesque.


Neo-burlesque is the updating of more traditional burlesque. The emphasis is on sexy rather than sexual. Celebrating the tease in striptease, burlesque is adding glitter and glamour to many women’s everyday life. Please join us for some neo-burlesque at Bruges’ Burlesque.

About Me

Lady Elina was looking for a certain zest in life which she found in burlesque. Schooled by some of the greatest performers in Europe (Deena Ray, Cherry Shakewell, Banbury Cross, Wonder Titty Twister) she managed to develop her very own style of performing and teaching. Fun and femininity are crucial in her way of teaching. She is inspired by performers like Bettsie Bon Bon, the Luminous Pariah, Banbury Cross, Elsie Diamond, Reuben R Kaye, Koko La Douce, because all of them incorporate a big big hunk of humour and laughter in their performances.